The Holidays & Those Hallmark Specials

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Taking strides to further activate our Center of Belonging for the community, we recently listed our space on Peerspace.

Beyond the ways in which our collaborative partners already bring life to this place, we hoped this move would also cultivate joy, respite, and connection to the broader neighborhood in ways real and relevant to them. 

About a month ago we got a request for a holiday party. The inquirer had recently moved from South Minneapolis to California to pursue his culinary dreams, but was flying back to throw a holiday party for family and friends he hadn’t seen in months. It was an easy yes to offer our space in this way.

In the days leading up to his event, we exchanged communication in finalizing event details—accessibility, amenities, and our music policy. (Can I bring in my own DJ? To which my answer was an emphatic YES!, followed up with And can I come?!?)

As a last piece of necessary information, I passed along our address.

Oh,” he texts me, “I didn’t realize your space was located within a church.” 

I could feel his hesitation and reserve. 

Fast forward to the night of the event. I swing by at the end of their reservation to help clean up, tidy up the space, and offer a warm holiday “Thanks for choosing us for your event.”

You know,” he says with a subtle smile forming as he walks out the door, “it’s been decades since I’ve felt safe in one of these [church buildings]. Thank YOU for hosting us.”

Our work truly matters.

As we imagine place and posture in new ways, hope, joy, peace, loveyou know, the themes of the season—are cultivated in beautiful and beautifully-felt ways.

With 2023 drawing to a close, please consider making Flourish Placemaking Collective part of your Christmas and year-end giving plan. (Year-end gifts can be made HERE.) Whether you’re cozied up around the fire with your favorite warm drink and good conversations or on the couch alongside those cringe-worthy but can’t-stop-won’t-stop Hallmark holiday specials, we’re in a season of good stories.

And we believe we’re telling a really good one of our own (with less cringe, of course).

With hope,