Flourish Placemaking Collective Statement of Privacy

All information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their names, addresses and telephone numbers, the amount of their gift, etc., shall be kept strictly confidential by the Flourish Placemaking Collective, its staff and volunteers, unless permission is obtained from donors to release such information.

General Purpose:

To fully inform donors of their rights, assure them that their monetary gifts are utilized with respect and gratitude, and to provide them with autonomy regarding how information is collected and used, the Flourish Placemaking Collective privacy policy shall be published on the webpage. In addition, a brief policy statement shall be included on all fundraising materials, and signed confidentiality statements shall be retained.

Full Policy:

Flourish Placemaking Collective is committed to respecting the privacy of donors.

  1. Fundraising will be truthful and accurately described.
  2. Donations will be spent in accordance with the donor’s intent.
  3. Donors will receive prompt, forthright answers to questions.
  4. Donors have the right to be informed of Flourish Placemaking Collective’s mission and purpose.
  5. Fundraising will respect the dignity and privacy of those who benefit from Flourish Placemaking Collective’s activities.
  6. Donors will receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition for their gift.
  7. The organization will respect the donor’s requests to remain anonymous.
  8. Donors will have the opportunity to have their names deleted from mailing and fundraising solicitations. Their opt out request will be honored promptly.
  9. Flourish Placemaking Collective will respect donors’ privacy by not selling or renting names and personal information.
  10. Donors can expect that all relationships with individuals representing Flourish Placemaking Collective will be professional in nature and that they will be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.
  11. Flourish Placemaking Collective uses donor information to accept and process gifts and provide the donor with the option to receive updates, such as mailings and newsletters.
  12. The types of donor information that Flourish Placemaking Collective collects and maintains are as follows:
  13. Contact information: name, address, telephone number and email address
  14. Giving information
  15. Information on events attended, publications received and special requests for program information
  16. Information provided by the donor in the form of comments and suggestions
  17. Donor information is shared with staff, board members, and consultants only on a “need-to-know” basis.

For those who have questions about the Flourish Placemaking Collective donor policy, please email info admin@aceinthecity.org.