Continual Gratitude

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I suspect many folks across the country might still be spending time with family and friends in connection to Thanksgiving.

Holidays, and celebrations in general, often fuel a range of emotions, everything from…

sheer delight

utter fatigue

familiar comfort

unwelcome stress

joyful anticipation

simple resignation

overwhelming gratitude

Beyond the holidays, we experience any one of these emotions (and more) during the normal course of living. Especially as it relates to interacting with one another, perhaps in the service of creating space and a sense of belonging.

As Flourish considers our approach to our work, we recognize that the contributions from donors, funders, and collaborators give us numerous reasons to be grateful. Each of these relationships are worth investing our time and care, and we desire to do this more intentionally moving forward with the aid of Flourish’s newest staff member, Sarah Coffman.

Sarah joins Flourish in the role of Development Manager and brings more than a decade of experience cultivating relationships that support nonprofit fundraising. For six and half years, she shared her talents in this space as the Founder and Executive Director of the Wichita Animal Action League. And, most recently, as the Director of Annual Giving with Mercy for Animals.

Although her time with Flourish began just a few short weeks ago, the joy, ease, and clarity with which she approaches her work is a clear sign that Tim, Matt, and I will have a lot to remain grateful for in the weeks, months, and years ahead as we work alongside Sarah.

We are thankful she is now part of the Flourish team!

With hope,