The Journey from Alone to Not

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Personally, and to be frank, I entered 2023 excited but alone.

Is anyone else talking about this?
Does anyone else not see the massive issue/opportunity on our hands?

Churches are closing. Buildings are deteriorating. Historic neighborhood landmarks are being forgotten.

All the while neighbors and community groups are searching for space to pursue big dreams and small intimate gatherings. Looking for space to host parties or find food pantries. To access community kitchens and coordinate conferences. For concerts or coworking space. To retreat, connect, heal, grow, slow down. Be encouraged or equipped or empowered.

Is it just us? Is it just me?

As quiet as 2023 has maybe felt, behind-the-scenes has been anything but quiet. Brainstorming a new name, exploring a new brand, putting together a new website. Building a new framework. New content. New systems and methodologies.

New (and growing) partnerships. New (and growing) opportunities. New (and growing) networks.

New (and growing) team!!

We’ve been hard at work.  Thank you for your continued love and support as we’ve made this pivot to placemaking work. While our vision of cultivating belonging still holds as true today as it did ten years ago, we understand the shift we’ve made. We believe it is the work for us. And we are confident in our capacity, expertise, and offerings to do it well.

After digging deeper into this work for the past year, however, my confidence grows as I realize I am not aloneWe are not alone. We are not the only ones concerned about our sacred spaces, our forgotten places, and all the neighbor(hood)s that can flourish in and through them. 

We are but one small (though mighty) voice amidst a beautiful, eclectic, and ecumenical tribe of pioneers and pastors, social impact investors and entrepreneurs, thought leaders and theologians, bishops and badass community leaders trailblazing a new path back toward ancient ways—of cultivating space where all are seen, welcomed and loved, regardless of the language you speak, the money in your bank account, the zip code where you reside, the documentation status you may or may not have, or the God you may or may not profess.

You belong.

We believe it. 

And in 2023 we joined and are building a movement with others who believe the same.

Thank you for being part of this movement.

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