From the Classroom to the Community….

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Did you know…

…my original path in life directed me toward the high school classroom?

Yes, I was once a licensed 5th-12th grade social studies teacher given the task of convincing a beautiful group of 17-year-old students to care about macro and microeconomics. (I was pleasantly surprised with my success rate.)

Teaching methodologies continue to change, no doubt, but one sustainable movement has been in the shift away from purely direct instruction (talking at you).

“Take out your notes and follow with me now….” (for the next 40 minutes!!)

A time and place for everything, but those days are becoming fewer and farther between.

While the classroom is seeing this shift, conferences and workshops are still largely lagging behind. Oftentimes we go to events simply to hear that one expert, researcher, motivational speaker. We want to be talked at!?!

A time and place for everything, but still….

May 16th is our inaugural R3 Spaces Summit and we’re intentionally coordinating an event that is more aligned with who we are: collaborative. Breakout sessions will be differentiated in instructional technique and highly participatory. We hope these rooms are filled with urban planners and pastors, architects and engineers, community developers and nonprofit executives, artists and anthropologists.

The room needs you!

Because we believe the room holds the answers to the questions we’re asking.

Almost twenty years later, I’m still a teacher at heart, but the classroom is now my community and all the neighbors that build towards its flourishing.

Join us May 16th!