You’re not going to want to miss this!

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Join us for our inaugural R3 Spaces Summit on Thursday, May 16th.


Whether it’s the church basement that hasn’t seen activities and festivities for decades, the sanctuary that’s only used for a few hours on Sunday morning, the vacant strip mall down the road (and its adjacent parking lot), or the growing number of downtown skyscrapers sitting underutilized, an opportunity is in front of us.

An opportunity to tell new stories, create new identities, shift community narratives of who we are and what is possible. An opportunity to reclaim what has possibly been labeled outdated, old, irrelevant or Oh, that’s so the 90s. An opportunity to rename as sacred, neighborly, flourishing, welcoming and good.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. This is for the dreamers. It will require of us creativity, innovation, and courage. Of thinking outside the box, asking big and bold questions, and not settling for Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.

It will require of us imagination. Of seeing spaces with new eyes, daring to believe what was once that could now become this!?!

But what begins with our minds must end with our hands and our feet. With new designs, new frameworks, new policies. New partnerships and collaborations across all community stakeholders.

No more silos.

This work nears completion with hammers swinging and trees being planted. With some things torn down so some things new can be built up. Of demolishing, renovating, and/or restoring.

Communities change.

So should our spaces, how we think about our spaces, and how we maximize our spaces for the flourishing of us all.

Join us for an afternoon and evening of vision, collaboration, and storytelling (and good food, drinks, and entertainment) as we usher in a new season of thinking and action around how space can remain in a constant state of readiness to serve our neighbors’ best. Learn more about our R3 Spaces Summit here. We’d be delighted to have you with us!