Starting with the “WHY”

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Why a Summit?

Last week, Tim announced that Flourish Placemaking Collective is hosting our first annual R3 Spaces Summit on Thursday, May 16th. R3 is short for Reclaim, Reimagine, and Repurpose. In many ways, these “R” words summarize the heart of the work at Flourish.

As part of the vast need for placemaking—which strives to bring us closer to a reality where everyone feels they are welcome, supported, and that they belong—the type, condition, and use of physical spaces deeply contributes to understanding, dare I say, answering a deeper question:

“Are we well?”

When buildings are boarded and vacant… are we well?

When buildings of historical significance are run down… are we well?

When green spaces are unclean or unsafe for the joyful cries of children… are we well?

When new developments are only few and far between in BIPOC communities… are we well?

When once vibrant spaces of religious or community importance are underutilized…. are we well?

For Flourish, the answer to each of these questions is a resounding, NO! And we believe the resources, policies, and people needed to change the current trajectory for many historical, beloved, and religious spaces involves some of the things that our RS Spaces Summit will provide:

  • Dedicated time and space for champions of community spaces to share vision and expertise
  • Breakouts to create a case for change to reclaim, reimagine & repurpose community spaces
  • Opportunities to stay connected in service of resourcing solutions for community spaces
  • Time for connection over food and drinks to help establish and enrich existing or new relationships

The R3 Spaces Summit will be a half-day convening that connects, inspires, and fosters future actions that puts us a littler closer to saying: Yes, we are well!

See you at R3,