Why We Vote

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I suspect a lot of reasons motivate us to vote.

Key issues.

Social norms.

Current laws.

Potential laws.

Inspiring leaders.

It’s still safe in this country to do so.

The hard-fought right to vote for many.

And there are other reasons that do just the opposite.

No progress.

Slow progress.

Peer pressure.

Current laws.

Potential laws.

Problematic leaders.

Belief nothing will change.

The reasons to vote, or not to vote, are endless. The institution of government often seems to favor politics over governance. The brave individuals who raise their hand to assume elected office often fall well short of their promises. And We the People often behave like our only role to support good governance involves casting our vote. 

The duality that voting day elicits in this country is undeniable and relatable. It is both a day of ritual and hope. 
And yet it can be more

Imagine if, with our vote, we each committed to:

Respect other views.

Research issues beyond social media.

Support those who didn’t receive our vote.

Follow the path of a State bill or City ordinance.

Contact our elected officials and advocate for an issue.

Contact our elected officials and thank them for their service.

Support policies and plans that center the wellbeing of people.

Our beliefs and actions about voting don’t have to be devoid of the pros and cons, and historical facts related to voting in this country. However, we do ourselves a disservice to treat voting like planting a seed we decide not to tend. Like a seed, our voting requires attention, protection, and love to stand a chance to grow to its full potential. This is when we Flourish!

With hope,