What If?

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What if?!

No Creed references here, sorry. Something better.

What if someone were to create a table BIG enough for a city’s major denominational, foundation, government, arts, civic and community leaders to gather together, dream together, collaborate, ideate and co-create pathways of flourishing and good news for its neighbors, together?

I’m not sure, but I’d bet the house that it’d be beautiful!

I’m not sure, but I’ll soon be finding out!

In two weeks, I’ll be spending a few days in Montreal where this vision will be coming to fruition. Key stakeholders across major sectors of community and civic life will be convening to explore new ways of collaboration and how to best utilize the over 400 places of worship across the Montreal metropolitan landscape.

THIS, my friends. THIS!!

I’ll be an observer and listener for most of my time, but the final day will be spent with visionaries from across North America, also there to listen and learn, to reflect, connect, share and invest time and care into one BIG question:

How can we make space for the crazy-sized-dreams of the land wealth of the church?

In the United States alone, we’re talking upwards of $1T (“T” for “trillion”!!) in land wealth, a majority of it unused most days but Sundays. Imagine the possibilities?!?

What we desire is reimagination.

What we have is each other.

Little do most know, we have everything we need.

Let’s go HIGHER, I’m ready. Who’s with me?

With Hope,