We did it!

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Less than two weeks ago,

Flourish hosted our first ever Reclaim, Reimagine, & Repurpose – R3 Spaces Summit.

Then, a day after that, we participated in Doors Open Minneapolis hosted by Rethos. Things were busy but great!

Overall, we believe both events were a success, and we’re committed to the work that follows. In the case of R3, we brought together nearly 50 folks with varied interests and reasons for wanting to ensure beloved, historic, and community-centered spaces can continue to enrich and enliven our communities.

The input we gleaned from existing and emerging partners during the summit will help Flourish create a people-centered narrative to help uplift the why and how to deepen support for spaces that foster belonging.

During Doors Open Minneapolis, we were pleasantly surprised by the consistent curiosity, energy, and support for the current use of our Center for Belonging. We connected with several dozen community members, half of whom were neighbors! Their questions, time, and faces reminded us of the power of opening our literal doors and simply saying, “Welcome.”

As Flourish continues to refine our approach to how we walk alongside leaders of churches, community centers, theaters, and more, our recent events provided another clarion call to bring in partners and community in hopes of going further together.

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