That Was Easy

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“That was easy!”

That’s likely not what anybody has said, ever, after exercising.

Sure, one might say it was rewarding, challenging, even necessary, but likely not easy

In fact, before you start to exercise, there are numerous other decisions that can be equally difficult. 

When will I find the time?

What routine can I start?

Should I invest in a gym membership?

Will I stay committed this time?

How can I stay committed this time?

These questions are an exercise all by themselves. An exercise in naming what we think and what we need to spark a practice of exercise. And turns out, it’s akin to a wash, rinse, repeat sort of thing. 

We often need to revisit important questions to maintain the practice of developing muscles. These can be physical, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and more. And in this process of questioning and practicing, it can be helpful to take a partner. 

At Flourish, we partner with congregations to reflect deeply on their vision and values (MIND work), congregational wellbeing (SOUL work) , and current community presence (HEART work), which enables the ability to assess how to best serve the community moving forward (STRENGTH work). 

Each of the ways that Flourish partners with and walks alongside congregations is like a series of exercises that help develop a dominant muscle of INTENTION. The work of instigating belonging is wildly intentional and requires ongoing tending.

Cultivating a practice of intentionality is far from formulaic.

Sometimes, it requires perfect timing.

Other times, it demands the right people.

And still other times, it necessitates having enough resources. 

The work of Flourish is about investing the time to partner with congregations to devise their formula, their practice, their exercise that develops their intentional muscle to cultivate, craft, and create belonging with and for the communities they serve and love. 

This work is far from easy but worth and worthy of our intention to influence a movement of belonging.

With hope,