What Drives Us Forward…

written by

The Prodigal Son.
The Good Samaritan.

These are examples of stories that have transcended time. These are stories that have impacted neighborhoods and relationships and faith communities for thousands of years.

But they’re just stories. (Think about that?!?) Filled with rich characters and real life correlations and relational complexities and riveting questions, good stories compel us and inspire us and can, if we allow them, transform us.

Numbers and metrics are important. Quantitative analytics have their place. But the human heart is changed not through a convincing bar chart or growth rates, but through a good story.

One of the driving values behind our work of placemaking and this work of belonging is the work of storytelling. As is evidenced through the life and legacy of Jesus, storytellers are the architects of our future. Our world needs more good stories, and we at Ace in the City are committed to sharing them.

Because good stories capture our imaginations. Good stories give us permission to dream in new ways. They paint beautiful pictures of what life can be (should be) and embolden us to consider new ways of being.

The church in the U.S. is estimated to be sitting on over $1 trillion in our physical land and buildings. If I’m honest, it has long been telling a boring story, with most spaces sitting unused all days but Sundays. But as followers who are invited to love our neighbor, we believe there’s a better story to tell in how we love our neighbor with the resources God has entrusted us with, including and especially considering our physical land and space.

Our first project, the Center of Belonging, is a good story. It is what happens when we tap into creativity and generosity and refuse to settle for the status quo. We believe the world needs more good stories. We hope to be part of more projects, working alongside local congregations and the spaces and assets they’ve been entrusted with, to tell a better—more compelling, more transformative—story. Thank you for walking alongside and supporting us as we share them!