We Can’t Do It All

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Better together.

It’s a phrase we’re particularly fond of because we believe connection is at the heart of God’s design for humanity. We need each other. We’ll only experience the fullness of flourishing when we give and receive, offering our best to one another.

This is especially true in the placemaking work at the core of Ace in the City’s mission. We don’t pretend to be experts at every facet of the work necessary to help churches reimagine and repurpose their physical space for the sake of their neighbors. We’re not architects, for example. We don’t have degrees in civil engineering.

And here’s the thing—that’s okay!

Actually, it’s more than okay. It’s a strength because it reminds us of our need to collaborate, to work with and alongside folks who are experts in some of those fields.

It’s why, for example, we partner with Heather Worthington, who has decades of experience at the municipal level and knows better than just about anyone how to work together with the city to maximize the impact of the church’s physical space.

It’s why we work with Station 19, a team of architects and designers who have amazing vision for how church spaces can be redesigned and revitalized (we should know—they designed the Center of Belonging!).

It’s why we invite Tabitha Montgomery to share with church leadership teams the vital role they can serve in the health and vibrancy of their neighborhoods, something she knows firsthand as the Executive Director of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association.

These are just a few examples. We are building a team of passionate and gifted experts in their respective fields, believing that our churches and communities deserve the best we can bring to the table.

And, ultimately, because we believe we are better together.

Have a great week, friends!