The Most Important Question

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Almost every week…

a new church comes our way inquiring about our services, curious about how we might be able to come alongside them and how they see and use their space. The opportunity for our work is immense, at times even overwhelming. Our capacity is only so much, which means discernment is crucial for us in how we identify and cultivate potential partners and projects.

While the various dynamics around this question are layered and nuanced, as we look to best steward our time, energy and resources into this good work of placemaking, we are really discerning through one big question with our churches:

Are you ready for this work?

Are you ready to REFRAME how you see yourselves within your missional and community context?

Are you ready to REDEFINE or better clarify who your neighbor is?

Are you ready to consider RENAMING your building for the sake of safety and inclusion?

Are you ready to LET GO of your library or fireside room for the flourishing of your neighbor?

Are you ready to SURRENDER some control of your space?

Are you ready to WELCOME in strangers on a Monday even if they never find their way to your pews on a Sunday?

Are you ready to COUNT this stranger’s experience within your space on a Monday equally as faithful to the work of the Gospel (and your church health metrics) as if they had attended worship on a Sunday?

We remain steadfast in our belief that placemaking is one part space utilization, the other part HOW a church neighbors in that space. Navigating questions like these helps us to best assess the posture of a church and their readiness for this work.

Have a great week, friends!