The πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­ Work of Placemaking

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While placemaking is a newer word in our modern dictionaries, it is been the work of followers of The Way for thousands of years. The Easter proclamation invites us to join Jesus in the work of making all things new, of seeing heaven here and now. Naturally, this will bring us to physical spaces and how we inhabit those spaces for the flourishing of our neighbor.

The entire Gospel message declares belonging and is cultivated as we love with our whole selfβ€”with our heart, soul, strength and mind.

With more depth to come down the road, we’ve introduced the work of placemaking over the last few weeks, highlighting the key questions and implications of the first three quadrants of its framework. The mind work of placemaking focuses on our beliefs and understandings and is primarily concerned with these two questions:

  • How does your perspective on God shape your love for your neighbor?
  • How does your perspective on your neighbor shape your love of God?

The entire framework of placemaking is intimately knit together, as are these two questions. Placemaking invites us to connect the dots, assessing the ways in which our perspectives on God and our neighbor are intertwined and, in turn, shape how we in inhabit space for the flourishing of all.

We are building out this framework, identifying tools and assessments to refine it and equip others to join us. As we do, and as future projects come our way, we will continue to invite you to jump in. As we’ve always said, belonging can’t happen without you. We continue to be so grateful for our generous friends and community who choose belonging and continue to walk alongside us.

Friday is upon us, but Sunday’s coming!

With joy,