Sweetness from This Soil

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Perhaps this statistic has changed,

but I remember hearing, quite frequently actually, the reality that 70% of nonprofits close their doors within their first five years of operation. Back in 2009, I remember wondering Would this be us?

Yet here we are.

Fifteen years+ later.

Still going strong.

Lots of memories over the last fifteen years. So many beautiful relationships and partnerships. I do believe we have cultivated belonging in the spaces God has invited us into. Good things are growing, flourishing, from its soil. The fruit is so sweet.

Yet we realize our organizational story is still being told. We’ve twisted and turned, listened and learned, weathered some storms and adapted. As we are turning the page to our work of placemaking, we remain grounded and anchored in the values that got us here:

Of being present.

And collaborating.

And delighting…

Join us Thursday evening, May 4th, as we delight together in the spaces and places we’ve been and the spaces and places we will go. So much to share with you and invite you into—we hope you can make it!

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