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Project Overview:

Pleasant Run Presbyterian (Cincinnati, Ohio), like many other churches, faced a narrative characterized by budget shortfalls, aging and declining membership, and increased maintenance and occupancy costs. Changing dynamics were felt all around them—in neighborhood culture, stagnant economics, and new community needs. Yet Pleasant Run believed beautiful days were still ahead of them. In partnership with Parish Properties, Flourish facilitated a process of deep listening and daring imagination, working to identify a path for the future that centers both community impact and congregational sustainability.

Project Details:

As Pleasant Run stayed honest regarding its current realities while also hopeful and curious about its future, Flourish—in partnership with Parish Properties—completed the following deliverables:

  • Assessed the financial and congregational history of Pleasant Run, reporting on recent trends and its implications for future sustainability
  • Scanned the building and site—identifying its greatest strengths and weaknesses, and developing a highest and best use case based on market comps and building/site potential
  • Facilitated congregational listening aimed at engaging the congregation in the process of developing a shared vision for sharing their spaces, as well as identifying missional priorities for potential partnerships in space use
  • Facilitated community listening aimed at engaging neighbors and local neighborhood stakeholders in a process of identifying community needs and gathering hopes for how Pleasant Run and its site could remain a vibrant part of the community’s bright future
  • Delivered a synthesis and final report with our considerations for next steps, recommending a hybrid housing development on surrounding parish acreage and a reimagined community hub within the existing site

In Their Words:

“The leadership, research, and networking provided to us brought our church leadership so much clarity. The congregational listening sessions were productive. The weaving of community and public priorities helped clarify our choices. It’s difficult for a small congregation to navigate all the public and private development sector opportunities and community networks. They did a great job of curating what they discovered and queueing the lay leaders of our congregation for next steps.”

Troy Bronsink | Pastor, Pleasant Run Presbyterian Church

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