More Than One Thing

written by

Our lives are defined by more than one thing.
So many things, in fact.

The things we believe,
the things we try,
the places we go,
the things we share,
the things we do,
the things we imagine
can have unlimited possibilities.

It is the collection of all these things that help us know the world.

Yet, we often shrink our belief and understanding of the world to what we alone have experienced. This posture toward our lives results in building up muscles of familiarity and comfort to the exclusion of what’s possible and often what’s needed. This leads to a host of blind spots.

When we center the familiar and comfortable, we miss what’s possible.

It becomes harder to create space for
new friends,
new careers,
new skills,
new beliefs,
new practices,
new experiences, and
new outcomes.

Our overused muscles of familiarity and comfort extend to how we consider spaces. It inhibits our ability to see an office building as affordable housing, a vacant school as a hospital, or the basement of a church as a Center of Belonging.

As part of the work of Flourish, we are on a mission to help congregations and communities build and center new muscles that perpetuate possibility. This involves strengthening our individual and collective commitment to reimagine and repurpose our used and unused spaces with intention and investment.

Flourish partners with churches, at varying points in their ministry, to build new muscles that help define and support plans that enliven how their space can further the flourishing of all in their communities.

With hope,