Love is How We Flourish

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Last Wednesday arguably marked one of the more controversial and widely celebrated holidays in many countries worldwide. 

Yes, Valentine’s Day!

Some folks lean into the coordinated cue to show a little extra attention, kindness, and love to those they care for. While others either reframe the day (ergo Galentine’s Day) or dismiss it outright in derision for being too commercial. The pros and cons that surround this celebration are nearly endless. 

Given the wide-ranging attitudes about Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but think about the practical role that most holidays play. Often, they are a public nudge, encouragement, and reminder not to forget people, places, events, things, and ideas.

And then I thought, what if we didn’t need a reminder to show love? 

What if every day, we asked…

How will I show my love today?

Who can I start loving today?

What kind of love is needed today?

Who is not being loved at all today?

How can I listen to what love is required today?

To pose these questions everyday can feel overwhelming, but they are the very heart of placemaking. When consistently considered and answered, this guides how we use our time, talent, and resources, which includes our physical spaces.

In our practice of helping congregations consider their heart and posture toward their neighbors, as part of reconnecting and (or) identifying paths of service and building community, this is our effort to ensure every day is Valentine’s Day. 

Every day is worth considering who we love, how we love, and the impact of both. 

With Love,