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A Monday Minute Blockbuster!

Not to take away from all the other (great, riveting, inspiring) content we try to provide every week, but this, friends…


Even in the early Ace Hoops days, COLLABORATION was a core value of ours (taking the name TEAMWORK). While we hope and believe we have consistently expressed this value as an organization, there’s always room for growth. From head to toe, what does collaboration look like for us?

Many things, we know, but one space we’ve explored further cultivating our collaborative roots is in how we structure and govern ourselves, how decisions are informed, shaped and made. As Executive Director, decisions were largely mine to make (with accountability from the board, of course). This isn’t inherently right or wrong, good or bad, in fact, it’s how most organizations operate, but for an organization who centers collaboration, was there a more appropriate model to consider?

After many months of conversations and explorations, we are officially moving toward a shared executive leadership model. I will continue to lead at the executive level, but will be welcoming on a partner to share in the responsibilities as we look to scale and grow our work in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Still lots of details left out here—exact job responsibilities and roles, etc. We are committed to providing more clarity in the upcoming weeks. But this news isn’t even the BIG NEWS!

Pulling on those collaborative strings, I’ve long said the greatest and most fulfilling part of this work, for me, is WHO I get to do this alongside—the friendships and partnerships cultivated over the years.

Tabitha Montgomery has been a long-time board member. Tabitha is a fierce neighborhood advocate, tenacious community developer, and passionate leader. She is a strategist, coalitionist, and Gospel/Good News proclaimer. And an even greater friend.

I am delighted, thrilled, ECSTATIC, OVERJOYED to welcome Tabitha Montgomery as the newest member of our staff and as our Executive Director of Strategy & Operations. In the upcoming weeks, you’ll hear directly from Tabitha and her vision for the work ahead, but in the meantime, let’s give her a warm FLOURISH welcome!

Tabitha: Excited to lead with you, my friend, in this new way. Let’s get to work!

Better together,