Belonging as a Visual

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Picking up on deeply rooted sacred texts of his time, Jesus—when tested and after eventually escaping another religious trap—invites us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, followed equivocally with an invitation to love our neighbor as ourselves (Luke 10:27).

Flourish is deepening our roots in the work of placemaking, this idea of reimagining and repurposing space and how we inhabit it. Physical space matters; it communicates something. But as important as physical space is—and we do believe it IS important—it means little if we do not inhabit it well. A house becomes a home only as its inhabitants cultivate hospitality, warmth and inclusion.

We believe placemaking lives at the center of our heart, soul, strength and mind. And love is the only way to get us there.

HEART = Our Culture & Hospitality

SOUL = Our Neighborly Posture & Presence

STRENGTH = Our Physical Assets

MIND = Our Systems & Beliefs

As fun as the Center of Belonging project was, we are more than just church-flippers. In fact, the more important work is in building healthy partnerships and cultivating a healthy posture toward each other and our neighbor. Over the next few weeks, I’d love to take a deeper diver into the framework of our placemaking work.

The most basic implication of the entire message of Jesus Christ declares YOU BELONG.

The work of placemaking gets us there.

Love is the way.

Much Love,